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Across borders is not only a fashion trend but a perfect interpretation of the passion and quality. On March 28, the Hyundai and France luxury brand partnership Equus hermes belts Edition will be officially unveiled at the Seoul International. Secondary to this is a Hyundai Genesis Coupe Prada again after United's top fashion brands, cars and luxury blends, high-end customers with scarce value and exceptional quality. Hyundai Motor Group official said, hoped that this product can help to increase Hyundai's brand value. Equus Hermes version based on the original Equus joined Hermes in design philosophy, such as philosophy, as well as stylish, high-end elements.

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Currently the vehicle sale price has not been announced, but limited production. People in the industry said the cooperation between Hyundai and the Hermes show Hyundai's determination to significantly enhance the brand image, also shows that branded and quality recognized by the top fashion brands, which will help to improve in Europe, China and the United States, the world's largest car brand in the consumer market. It is understood that earlier Hyundai had offered a luxury hermes belts Genesis Coupe Prada, achieve a "luxury fashion brand" Prada "modern products" successful cooperation for the first time and is most welcome. "Compared with the purely sales growth, at present most important to us is to quickly enhance the brand influence. "On the importance of brand value on the issue, Hyundai Motor Vice Chairman Zheng Yixuan stressed.